Emigration involves a complex process and is best undertaken with professional assistance.

As a client of the Emigration Bureau you can rely on expert advice and assistance with your emigration process from start to finish.  We will also assist and help you build a network of contacts in your new country with key partners such as an immigration lawyer, tax experts, bankers, financial planners and real estate professionals.

Our team consists of chartered accountants, immigration practitioners and tax experts and a strong administrative team that ensures that we are ideally geared to assist you navigating a successful emigration.


Any person who is considering leaving South Africa permanently should carefully take into account the tax implications of ceasing to be tax resident as well as consequences after departure.

Emigration for tax purposes could have immediate tax consequences with a possible liability for tax the day before the person breaks tax residency.  These tax implications, which includes deeming provisions, are often misunderstood and missed.

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Emigration for exchange control purposes requires a formal application to be made to the Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank, which will disclose all local assets of the emigrant at the date of departure.

All emigration applications require a completed Form MP 336(b) and a specific emigration tax clearance certificate from the South African Revenue Service before any funds or income can exit South Africa.

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A network of immigration experts in all major popular international destinations will advise on the specific requirement to obtain residency in the preferred destination.  We will assist with the process of introduction to professionals with proven credentials.


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